Syntax highlighting for SuperCollider

could we add highlighting for SuperCollider?

Not sure if it is easy.

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I am rather noob, but my experience seems to indicate that Tidal syntax highlighting just refers everything to Haskell syntax. That’s probably not very helpful for regular SuperCollider coding. Both VS Code and Atom seem to have SuperCollider syntax extensions, but I have not tested them yet, as I don’t know SC and won’t have time for the tutorials for a few weeks.

The main hitch seems to be mixing syntax in the same document. I wonder how livecoders working with multiple languages handle that. I’d guess separate documents/tiles for different languages. One could probably stuff the tokens of multiple languages in the same extension, but that seems like it would be a bit of work. My concern would be that I don’t know either language well-enough!

In discourse you can select the language by adding its name after the ticks, like this

 ``` haskell
 let f x = 7

I asked the question here: Configure which programming languages are available for syntax highlighting - #3 by yaxu - admins - Discourse Meta

Maybe a similar language is good enough? highlight.js demo

Perhaps treesitter is supported?

Sorry! I didn’t understand that you meant highlighting in Discourse.