" t> syntax: :script ” error in Atom

Hello, I’ve been trying to run Tidal on Windows 10. I followed every step of the manual installation. Everything looks good until I try to run a code on Atom (d1 $ sound “bd sn”) This is the error I get:

at the moment, the paths cointaining whitespaces are not supported by ghci.
copy the BootTidal.hs file into a folder without whitespaces (e.g. c:\tidal\BottTidal.hs),then configure that path on the plugin and try again

Hello. Yeah, after I posted (a month ago) I discovered that whitespaces in the username were the problem. My solution was to format de hard drive and install Windows again. Moving BoothTidal.hs to another folder didnt work at all.
Thanks. This is SOLVED.

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