Ten years of algorave live stream - please join!

A bit last minute, but please contribute a ten minute performance to this live stream to celebrate ten years of algorave!


Beginners and old timers all very welcome :slight_smile:


Oops I messed up the date, fixed now but I had to reset everything. Please rebook! Or you haven't booked yet.. book!

Niiice. Time to sharpen my keyboard and to dust off my SuperDirt. 10 minutes is a fun format!

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just wanted to say that, while i missed the actual livestreams over the weekend, i have been checking out the archive today listening to some of the sets. y'all should be so proud of all the awesome stuff you are doing. really really impressed with everyone's contributions. it's obvious everyone is upping their skills -- it shows :sunglasses:


Full Playlist on eulerroom youtube channel now: