The big Vim / Nvim thread

There is the famous SCNVim for Supercollider SCNVim - A NeoVim frontend for SuperCollider - Libraries and Quarks - scsynth

But there must be interesting plugins for vim/nvim when using Tidal too. There is vim-tidal of course:

I also like this plugin when using Tidal

What are your favorite Vim / Nvim hacks in relation to Tidal?

I tried to finetune my config for quite a while but I always felt back to defaults because I spend much time switching from computer to computer. Nowadays, I have a good enough (e.g. good for me) configuration that I never change, synced on every computer using Dropbox (probably not the best but it works).

In a regular Tidal session, I use three tabs:

  • SuperCollider in one tab, vertical split, config on the left, logs on the right. I also have some useful commands ready to fire in case of emergency (s.freeAll, Server.killAll), to reload samples (~ dirt.loadSoundFiles(" ... ")), etc...
  • Tidal. NERDTree on the left to switch between files in the same immutable perf folder.
  • Tidal config (variables, custom functions), evaluated on the fly and tuned for specific performances.

My Neovim looks quite good, custom theme, colors for certain words, plugin to quickly comment/uncomment blocks of code (super useful). Everything else is vanilla.

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