The "pulsar/atom plugin" thread

Just a thread to talk about the atom plugin.
Feature requests, bug reporting, etc...

The first post to inform you about the new feature in v3.11.0:
eval whole editor with single shortcut (ctrl+alt+shift+enter).

feedbacks appreciated


working here ok :slight_smile:
i really would like a "feedfoward" mode!!! :smiling_imp:


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If you mean the "blinking patterns" feature, that's not yet possible... We have to wait the release of tidal-listener


does anyone know what this means and how i can get rid of it?


Uhm... Seems like an issue with the language-typescript, try to remove it, this toast should not appear anymore

Released 3.12.0:
Now atom notifications would appear on errors. Should help troubleshooting.
Those can be muted with configuration.

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Nice thread! I just discovered it now, but I have a feature request/pull request to discuss.

I need a way to evaluate the code in the editor remotely with OSC. For this purpose I implemented an OSC receiver which allows to evaluate a single line, whole code block or the whole editor content.

The default port ist 3333 and the default address ist /atom/eval. The three values line, multi_line and whole_editor are considered.

You can find the code here:

Maybe this feature should be togglable (like the notifications?). And should this feature be in the main repository?

Great! Cool feature, I will review it asap, thanks

Would it be possible to add a sound browser like in the VS Code plugin? Sorry if I overlooked it

I think it will be possibile, but I never tried the vscode plugin... how did that browser works?

In the meantime... v3.13.0 released, with OSC eval feature, by @mrreason


Ok, sound browser in the new 3.14.0.
Try it and give feedbacks :slight_smile:



the new OSC eval feature in v.3.13 atom-tidalcycles by @mrreason, which allows to evaluate the editor code based on the mouse cursor position, is great.

But I wonder if it would be possible to also add an argument that also changes the mouse cursor position, in order to be able to evaluate any line of code via OSC. And, If a line is not provided as argument, it would consider the current mouse cursor position.

It would allow to control Tidal code through OSC or MIDI in another way as the feature request:

There is maybe a better place to put a comment on this feature, if someone knows how to do it.


Super cool!

In my ansible installer I've just added support for autopopulating the soundBrowserFolders variable in .atom/config.cson the same as I do with vscode

I expect the next request will be a stop button to stop playing the long samples :wink:

It's already implemented: on click the sample starts and the text become bold.
Second click, sample stops (it's a pause, to be fair) and text come back to normal.

Yes, I'm not an UI expert so, we can improve that...
How could be better?

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I think that'll be fine tbh, I just didn't try it :+1:

The vscode one has a global stop button at the top of the browser, but the first time I ran into a long sample on that, I think I kept clicking the sample anyway :thinking:

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Sure! Can you open an issue on github?
Mouse position (x y) or row/column coordinates, or both!


+1! :slight_smile:

row number would be my first choice for this.

just done

I can make a suggestion for that. Maybe I can even manage to get it done today.

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