Tidal 1.7 is released!

v1.7.2 is out!

  • tidal-parse additions and improved errors, haskellish dependency fix @dktr0
  • spring cleaning and delinting, recreated Time.hs, renamed ControlMap toValueMAp @yaxu
  • start of major refactoring of chords @cleary
  • fix . mininotation operator @zudov
  • stateful event parameters, for counting @yaxu
  • Move some stuff from BootTidal.hs to the tidal library, to reduce dependencies there @yaxu

Hey @yaxu. Thanks for the update!
Is it possible for you to talk a bit about this?

  • stateful event parameters, for counting


@ben he (literally) just covered it in the tidal meet up #1 session. There will be a #2 session in a few hours if you're able to catch it?

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I've now posted about it here:

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super helpful. love the part where you can paste the tidal startup code in the SC startup file and it loads automatically on opening. brilliant!

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@yaxu is it possible (or should it?) to use continuous patterns with control busses?
It looks like that something like this does not work:

d1 $ slow 4 $ s "bev" # lpfbus 1 (slow 16 $ sine * 7000) # legato 1

Am I missing something?

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I am surprised that doesn't work, @mrreason.. Will have a think. Feel free to make an issue on github

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I found that using:
#lpfbus 1 (segment 128 $ slow 16 $ sine*700)
is the best way of doing this for me.


@yaxu I created a ticket here: Using continuous patterns with control busses needs segment to work properly · Issue #806 · tidalcycles/Tidal · GitHub

@BXHD thanks for the hint! This feels like a workaround but I can work with it for now.


To upgrade to Tidal v1.7.2 is cabal upgrade Tidal the correct command or cabal v1 upgrade? Thnx!

cabal update
cabal install tidal --lib

Hi mate and Thanks for your reply!
cabal update + cabal install Tidal - - lib actually messed up everything!
Possibly due to the installation I did of v1.7.1 via cabal v1-update + cabal install Tidal.
I have deleted both .ghc and .cabal folders and reinstalled using cabal v1-update + cabal v1-install Tidal. Now v1.7.2 is working fine. I am on Catalina by the way...

hey hey

I get this error while running the command cabal v1-install tidal from the terminal

Warning: cannot determine version of /usr/bin/gcc :
xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools), missing xcrun at: /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/xcrun
gcc' failed in phase C Compiler'. (Exit code: 1)

Hi @fran,
It looks like you need to install the 'xcode commandline tools' for compiling software. This command should hopefully fix it:

xcode-select --install
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