Tidal club online meet - August 2022

Hi all, it's been a long while since we had an online meetup around Tidal.

I propose we do:

(Unless you're reading in email form, the above should show in your local timezone)

@ARAVIND_MOHANDAS has volunteered to give an update on his summer of code project on Konnakol, and as it has been a while we could do quick updates and chat around things that have been going on, e.g. plans for Tidal 1.9 (link support! new ways of combining patterns! sequences!), the opencollective crowdfund etc.. we should also talk about how to continue the meetups in an easy and sustainable way.

Let's keep it fairly short (inside 1 hour), to leave energy for doing them more often. The one after could e.g. focus on progress with Strudel / Vortex.

Join here:


Great idea!

I also might have some updates regarding tidal-gui :slight_smile:


That date works for me, if I can make an annoying request, is it possible to push the time by 1-2 hours later?

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Ok now it starts an hour earlier. Update your calendars!

Argh sorry - time is a pain, the new time is even more difficult (2am my time). I was hoping you could shift it later rather than earlier to 4am (my time)

Oops sorry misread. I changed it back to the original time for now. I think later would be difficult for Aravind.

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I'd like to listen in on Aug 11 -- but, how can we sign up? This may be obvious to those who have participated before, but not to a newcomer :slight_smile:

hi @johanw, welcome :slight_smile: there will likely be a video link posted here at some point so i would just keep this thread bookmarked and check back occasionally. previous meetups had a shared google doc for people to sign-up to do a quick show & tell but i'm not sure that will be the case this time.

Yes I think it would be good for this to be a shorter ~one hour online event. I'm not sure how to run it - a video stream (via streamyard) with q&a via youtube chat, or in a more participatory video chat like jitsi or discord.. Suggestions / ideas welcome..

Maybe a good idea would be to do it on discord, and keep time for discussing how to organise future meetups in a sustainable and inclusive way?


Ok here's a link to the event on the discord server, which also works to join the server if you're not already there: