Tidal Cycles + Ableton Link (Clock Sync) Carabiner

Hey all.

Clock sync with Carabiner was working at some point in my life.

However, now with the SC startup doing this:

	// create a synchronized clock
	l = LinkClock(1).latency_(Server.default.latency);

And with this anywhere in a .tidal file:

sock <- carabiner tidal 4 (-0.1)

I get this error.

tidal> sock <- carabiner tidal 4 (-0.1)
*** Exception: Network.Socket.connect: <socket: 12>: does not exist (Connection refused)

I'm sure I've forgotten something but I can't find the documentation on how to make this work and can't find any current docs.

Worse, most posts in the forum lead to a 'page not found' @yaxu

I'd love a good doc on this and will post anything I figure out. It's been a bit since I have tried this, but was working very well at one point.

Possibly the ports, but haven't changed since it was working. Any advice appreciated.

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Also to note that SuperCollider does work with other Ableton Link programs on both Mac and Linux for me. Bitwig and Ableton both work. Tidal is not.

The documentation concerning Ableton Link usage can be found here:

I use it very often, but I usually start the sync by running carabiner on the command line before syncing Ableton and Tidal to the clock. I haven't tried to sync SuperDirt or SC itself with the link clock and I haven't tried to start the Link synchronization from SC. Do you think that using carabiner can solve your problem?

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@Raph - thank you! Running Carabiner from the terminal was the missing piece for me. I knew there was something I was forgetting but couldn't find the document (not sure why as it was easy enough). This works fine with SC and Tidal (and everything else) once set up.

And one note for anyone trying to use both SC and Tidal in sync is to put this line in your startup.scd:

	l = LinkClock(1).latency_(Server.default.latency);

I haven't done a thorough test yet with latency recently, but when it was working in the past, it was spot on for me.

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The page with the right info is named "Multi-user Tidal". I can understand why you haven't clicked on it because there is no clear indication that this page is covering many different types of synchronization, including synchronization between multiple local tools and software for a single musician. It might be a good sign that there are things that need some relabelling in the docs :skull: .

I'm glad that you were able to figure it out !

However, I am now connected with both SC and Tidal to Carabiner's link clock from the same computer. I have no errors from Tidal. Carabiner shows:

Starting Carabiner 1.1.6 on port tcp://
Link bpm: 180 Peers: 1 Connections: 2  

When I run sock <- carabiner tidal 4 (-0.1) from Tidal I see it add that 2nd connection.

Changing the tempo in SC works, but using setcps 3 in Tidal doesn't change the link tempo (only Tidal's tempo).

Does anyone else use Carabiner with Tidal and have this issue? Probably something I'm doing wrong.

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Sorry, never mind that - just saw this Tip in the docs:

To change the BPM from tidal, you currently have to run e.g. sendMsg sock "bpm 155"