Tidal Cycles on Resonance FM

Hi - I do a show on Resonance FM called The News Agents on Sats 2.30pm-3.30pm and am currently exploring live coding including Tidal cycles - if you want to send me any suggested tracks I could play an extract from or if you want to say something about your practice on air drop me a line at judemontague at outlook dot com or here - thanks Jude
thenewsagents.blogspot.com (for archive of shows etc)


Thanks @JudeMontague I've been enjoying the shows !

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Wow! Didn't know about this show, but this reads super interesting! I'm gonna give it a listen.
If I stumble upon anything that might be relevant for your show I'll send it over.

Hello Jude!

In TOPLAP Barcelona we have a compilation edited some months ago with 12 tracks of live coding music from different artists from our collective:

Down The Rabbit Hole | TOPLAP Barcelona | Call It Anything Records

Also I play in a duo of trumpet+guitar focused in free impro, noise and electronics. We've edited our 2nd album and there's a track where qwe've used Tidal Cycles along with our instruments:


Hope you like it!


Hi! This theme is going to run through the year here and there - last show I played a couple more from the TOPLAP album

I'm going to post the mixclouds here for listen again - but they are all archived at thenewsagents.blogspot.com which has a summary of the shows with a link to the shows

I really hope my own live coding especially in Tidal Cycles gets somewhere through this as well as playing all these awesome tracks. Open for business, send me tracks. Can't promise to play them all but some will make it through!


Great send me your stuff

thanks so much. More to come! Great theme for my year. Going to run it all through the year (perhaps not every show, but coming back to it regularly)