Tidal Cycles stickers?

A silly thing but if I was looking for Tidal Cycles stickers what should I do?

Or the triangle thing algorave design too interests me.

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I think this has been discussed before and the answer was along the lines of "there is no centralized organization dedicated to printing them so the best way is to do it yourself".

(by the way, if people in France are interested we could organize to do a grouped printing)


We have done a few batches for folks here in India as well.

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Yes we're not too organised with merch but people are free to print their own, especially if they use a local/independent printer for less environmental impact! Here's a sticker sheet that I've had printed before, the magenta lines are cut lines for the printers (to 'kiss cut' in the case of sticker sheets). Be sure that they follow such cut lines and don't centre the tidal logo as then it'll be off centre (this happened to me before)



Awesome, I'm totally in for printing local! :sunrise:

I don't recognize all the logos, but that's fine i guess. There's the Tidal concentric circles, the algorave triangle spiral, TopLap, and some boxes, I've seen the stack-of-squares on YouTube channel logo of Club Tidal and maybe GitHub profile image. I'm such a n00b lol, I'll learn.

Heh I'm not expecting people to print that as-is, just take the logos they want!

Clockwise there's

  • tidal
  • toplap.org
  • a slab (made by a friend for slab.org that I now use for my blog)
  • algorave
  • a joke based on a uk musicians' union sticker that was on every guitar case when I was growing up
  • eulerroom logo (a joke based on the mathematician euler (pronounced oiler) and boilerroom)
  • 'rwx' is the logo of my old band slub.org
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