Tidal Documentation - what's missing? (giant todo thread)

A giant thread to keep track of missing info in the Tidal Documentation project:


...or on github:

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Looks nice the new docs, but is there a table of contents of how to use Tidal? Pattern structure etc. Hard to find.

In these part, I think it would be good to define 'previous versions of Tidal'. It's nice to have a version number. Was it the version from 10 years ago or just very recently? It matters if you want to know how to process that information.

I probably did have my browser half screen... A full browser window... how could I miss that?! :wink:

Supercollider has a way to quickly launch help pages from your editor for each functionality using the help browser. Does something like that exists for Tidal?


that would be awesome actually

A Reference section on how to use the Haskell language in Tidal. For example it could contain a guide to create custom functions.

It could be useful to "dig deeper" and enhance the skills of tidal users! :muscle:



scnvim uses pandoc for convertion.

multiple empty sections here: Audio effects | Tidal Cycles

maybe create issue on github with a list of checkboxes

Thanks everyone, any obvious bugs can be logged directly as issues here:

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