(tidal emacs mode) how to import from hidden packages?

I am using Tidal's emacs mode. I find it hard to import a module that is in a "hidden" package. In a plain ghci session, I could do any of

  1. start with naming (exposing) the package: ghci -package random
  2. the same thing from inside ghci: :set -package random
  3. un-hide the package globaly: cabal install --lib random then start ghci normally

after each of these, I can do import System.Random in ghci.

Now, for the ghci session in a tidal buffer in emacs, using the numbering of the list just given:

  1. I cannot easily set that ghci option on the fly (?) I can write it in BootTidal.hs but I'd rather not touch that.
  2. I can execute that command but that results in package flags have changed, resetting and loading new packages... so it forgets all the definitions (d1, etc.) from the boot file (and when I re-load the boot file, I'm back at the initial state, without the package)
  3. I can do that, and for random I indeed might do it, but again, I'd rather not touch my global configuration.

So, yes, 1. and 3. are possible. Are there other ideas? (for realizing this on a per-session basis)

Hah, I thought I had a work-around for 2.: inside the session, do

:set -package random
:script something/something/BootTidal.hs

but - I cannot do the first line without a running Tidal instance, so I start it, but then the second line does not work, because it tries to start another, and then That port isn't available, perhaps another Tidal instance is already listening.

Perhaps something like this would work if "start ghci" and "connect to supercollider" were separate?