Tidal frequently stops, requires rebooting... no error messages HELP

Hello all,

A weird problem here, but one I've only had for the past few months...

Basically, I'll be running Tidal with no problem, and then without warning, and at seemingly random points, it will just stop- basically as if I've performed a hush command. Then, I need to reboot tidal in Atom, and it works again perfectly.

There are no error messages in Atom or Supercollider. It literally just acts as if nothing has happened.

I am running Big Sur (11.4), and the latest version of SuperCollider (3.12.0), and the latest version of the Tidal Atom module (3.16.14).

Has anyone experienced the same thing? It's happened to me during several live shows, so I need to find the solution, as it makes me nervous to perform with Tidal...

Any help much appreciated!

Hey Ouyuengu, that's not good.. I've never had this happen. What version of Tidal are you on? Any custom config?

Hi there,

No, no custom configs. I am not well-versed enough in Tidal to be able to do this. My Tidal version is 1.7.7

Any suggestions for how to find irregularities? Is it worth a complete reinstallation? If so, what's the best way to ensure a 100% clean uninstall?