Tidal on chromebooks?

Can you run Tidal Cycles and SC on a chrome book?
It's probably been asked before but I can't find any Google results on the question.
The reason I ask is I want to eventually put together some local workshops on live coding
and the biggest barrier to entry is having a laptop/pc to use and a sound card.

I figure I can write a grant to get the workshops up and running and include purchasing a bunch of
used chromebooks for people in the budget. Only because I know I can find entire lots of used
chromebooks for dirt cheap.

Do you think it's possible to install and run SC and Tidal Cycles on a chromebook without an external audio interface? I know on my machine I can just use the direct sound/Realtek audio driver. IDK if that's possible on a chromebook.

I don't know about getting it to run locally but estuary might be useful as it's a version of tidal that runs in the browser. Also strudel, that has a nice browser interface.

i have a cheap hp stream laptop (i think it came with some chromeOS) with archlinux + sc + tidal + vim-tidal running ok using internal audiocard. it was an easy install (check UEFI and disable secureboot).

Oh cool, I'll look those up! I didn't even know there were browser based versions of Tidal out there. The idea would be to get people to feel confident installing and getting things running and then just run through some very basic pattern stuff to make their first sounds, so that sounds promising.
Thank you!

Okay, that sounds cool. I'll look into that. I plan to cater the workshops to people with little or no real computer skills though so idk. If it involves linux I'd probably want to install that for them. I think for people with little to no computer skills installing Tidal and SC alone could be a full workshop or two. That's really good to know it works with the internal audio though! Thanks!

I'm looking at strudel now and I think that might be the ticket!

https://estuary.mcmaster.ca has a web implementation of tidal/superdirt - it's great, and will "work" (to some degree**) on a chromebook

** I've tried some very low powered ones that struggled