Tidal-vim with remote peers

Hi there, I hope you all are well and fine.

This is a cross-post. I'm sorry for that, but probably this is a more appropriated space than an issue in the tidal-vim repository.

I'm trying to find a way to livecode tidal using (neo)vim with remote peers.
I have achieved this with SuperCollider mixing this tools:
Instant to share the buffers and write together + HyperDisCo for the SC part + scnvim.

There are two remote servers in that loop, one for Instant and the other for HyperDisCo.

I would like to make the tidal side of it working.
My first thought was to put Tidal in the loop I already have, so the OSCRouterClient (part of HyperDisCo) would receive and re-transmit the OSC messages from Tidal as is, and the SuperDirt on the other side wouldn't have to be aware that this had come from a remote source.
Then I thought that, mediated by a server, one instance of Tidal in tidal-vim could send the OSC to the ghci instance from the remote peers. I'm probably not accurate with the terms here.

Thank you in advance for any insights

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