TidalCycles community report for ICLC 2023

ICLC 2023 has a nice new 'community report' section. How about we do one for TidalCycles? It could cover:

  • useful utilities / interfaces
  • add-ons, e.g. visualisers
  • spin-off and other related projects
  • local community / workshop / outreach activities
  • related academic/research projects
  • summaries of past GSOC projects
  • problems/issues
  • future plans/speculations
  • other?

.. with a long list of authors. Two or three paragraphs for each thing with signposting to related websites/resources/papers/repos
The awesome list could be a starting point.

Who's in?


I could write a couple of short paragraphs about my GSOC & the interface I'm making!

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Ok here's a start:


Please jump in if you can think of something (anything!) to write and then we can encourage others to contribute :slight_smile:

I have started adding some info about Iceland


I'm involved with a couple of papers so sadly too lacking in time to push this forward, if anyone fancies picking it up (and bagging first author :wink: ) lmk!

Seems like this is still in need of an editor, or is it now too late do you think?

Perhaps it should be "Tidal community report TLDR: we are busy!"

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