TidalCycles Meetup #03: UPDATE: Zoom links posted! - feat. Alexandra Cárdenas, Raphaël Forment, Clarissa Littler - 17th July 2021 (UTC)

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Meeting password: hush

If you would like to do a small 1m show and tell as part of the meetup, please fill out the following registration form:

This month we will be featuring the incredible:

Alexandra Cárdenas @tiemposdelruido

Discussing her music composition techniques, including the use of stochastic processes, randomness, and how she draws inspiration from composers from the 1940s to the 1970s working with tape loops.
Alexandra will demonstrate how she applies these musical patterns to the diverse genres of music that she works with, including techno, noise, and traditional electroacoustic music.

Raphaël Forment @Raph

Raph has been breaking his back for months on the incredibly difficult project of revamping the tidal website and documentation system. We are very excited to have him onboard to formally introduce new tidalcycles.org website, discuss how to contribute and improve the documentation, as well as presenting on the importance of documentation and archival systems for live coded art forms.

Clarissa Littler @left_adjoint

Clarissa is a former researcher in programming languages, and tidalcycles educator, and has been running a series of daily deep-dive (I'm talking real deep) videos in to TidalCycles, particularly focussed on how it's possible to leverage the power of the underlying Haskell language/toolkit to expand your patterning possibilites.
For this talk, Clarissa will be discussing the Math used in Tidal, useful functional programming tricks and ideas they have discovered throughout the course of the daily video series

Please follow this thread for current information/updates/changes/etc!


Hello Tidal Club,

This meetup is happening in less than 24 hours! Here is the zoom meeting link:

Meeting password: hush

See you all there!


Oh no, I missed this one! Will the recording be available on YouTube?

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@isaacMedina yep definitely! I'll work on trimming it for upload to the Eulerroom youtube channel in a few days. Busy at the moment -- prepping for a local show tomorrow :slight_smile:


Thank you! Good luck at the gig! :four_leaf_clover: