Time for a site reorg?

I've rejigged the categories a bit, just moving the course category down now that the main function of this site is a general forum. I feel that we're missing a category or two though.. We've got announcements, Q+A, installation help, resources and innards.. How about a 'sharing' category? Moving 'installation help' under 'q+a'? A category for talking about process / music?

Also a most discourse-based sites don't have categories on the front page but just all the latest threads, e.g.:

Should we move to that model?

I think I (ab)use that category the most, and I think it would work as a category on it's own though. People can announce releases etc rather than hiding it in the general sharing thread

I legitimately do not look at the categories, just the summary of threads in the rh pane - I'm all for this

I configured my client to show just latest threads before, because is the best way for me to stay updated

Never noticed the difference. It would be nice. I tend not to click on topics that are in some categories for some reason.. I might not be the only one in that case. I kinda like browsing through lllll and scsynth, much more than on this forum. This subtle difference might be the reason why.

Just like @ndr_brt, I feel that it is easier to follow conversations this way.

Ok thanks, I've switched to the discourse default mode, ongoing feedback very welcome.

Here's some other category lists:

What looks good?

It might be good to mirror the same organisation on the discord chat too and get some integration going between them.