Tool interactions


  1. Not so long ago I discovered an excellent VST processing for kiloherz phase distortion. This instrument is notable for the fact that it can use an external signal as a modulator, thereby creating an interesting interaction of instruments with each other at the moment of their intersection. hence the question / query: is there something similar in a tidal cycle environment?

  2. I just can't figure out how to make the Haas effect with standard tidal cycle instruments. It's possible?

Thank you for your time!


Hi! Regarding number 2, you can solve the haas FX in tidal or supercollider (through a ugen). I think its more straightfoward in tidal (though maybe heavier con CPU? I dunno).

let haas = (#pan 1) . (off (0.675/4) (#pan 0))

This pans the sound to hard right (in a stereo setup) copies thesound applying a small offset and pans hard left the offseted version.
Additionally I hace variations con this, where I can pass a function to apply one of the copies (like pitching everyrhing one octave up)

Regarding number 2 you can do things like cross orbit routing where you grab one órbita as the input of another one to apply further transformations in tidal. also you can gran an orbit signal as a control signal. You should checl the súper dirt hacks folder in the repo. I think there's a sidechain compressor example

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