Transitioning to being 'the' Tidal forum

Currently there's a Tidal category on, but it'd be nice to have a Tidal-dedicated forum, and this very forum seems to be becoming it! So the plan is to keep the tidal club 'cycle' categories for those who have signed up for the course via the pay-as-you-feel wall, but open up registrations to the rest.

I'm unsure of the detail though.. I quite like that this forum isn't completely public and searchable on the web, for example, it gives it more of 'club' feel. So we could make signups free but only have it readable if you're logged in. Or is that a bit regressive? Thoughts welcome!


I'm always of the opinion that "the information wants to be free" - but

  1. The tidalcycles wiki is really comprehensive - so the information already there
  2. This would be a way to provide a gentler path to people publishing their music to a small group before heading out to bigger and better (and potentially harsher) forums for sharing
  3. The information will still be "free", just not indexed in a search giant (which I guess is kind of how facebook works too - but it has it's own information hoarding issues, so...)

In short, I'm onboard with the idea :slight_smile:


I love this idea! I have disengaged from the Toplap chat a bit because it's too "real time" for me. Topics go by and I miss a lot. I love the more asynchronous nature of forums and I feel like I can participate much more easily.

I think it is OK to leave it private. Many other good forums out there are private.

While the TidalCycles Userbase wiki is extremely valuable, I think a forum would be a great supplement. Some topics are not really appropriate for the Userbase. Searching and learning through previous forum discussions would be very helpful.


Totally agree on this!
I've always found it difficult to keep track of things on real time chats.
Forum is much better (IMO).


Ok I've now made it so anyone can register and login now!

Members can also send people invites if you want.

If they do that and later decide they want to join the Tidal course, they can do that via .. (With a lot of fiddling I've now made this automatic rather than the exporting and uploading I was doing before. This took some hours. I wanted to share that with you.)

Lets see what happens!