I'm having trouble understanding how to use some of the transitions. (I'll attempt to fill in the documentation once I have a better understanding of them BTW, as the docs are mostly blank.)

I've figured out a number of them, mainly from @kindohm's video and example doc sheet.

The ones I'm struggling with are wash and histpan though.
Any insights on how to use these?

Any insights into wash and histpan @yaxu?

Hi @ben,

Thanks for going through these!

This will pan the last four patterns on the (d)1 channel from left to right, the most recent on the left:

histpan 1 4 $ sound "bd sn"

wash is a function used to define a couple of the other transitions, anticipate and jump. It's not really useful on its own, unless you wanted to make your own version of anticipate, or something like that.. It looks like it needs some work to make it more user friendly though.