Trigger a pattern and play once from Midi

I have been trying to do something like this: trigger from a midi pad and play a pattern through an arbitrary number of times. I have seen the solutions based on cApply, which work well to engage a pattern relative to the current cycle. I have tried using "once" which is close to what I'd like to do, but I'd like to assign a pattern to an arbitrary stream so that it is interruptible. I believe once always plays through... And I would like this to be triggered with a midi controller Something like this:

  let b =  (fmap (\x -> if x > 0 then True else False)) (discretise 1 $ cF 0 "24" )
  if b then (d1 $ trigger 1 $ playFor 0 0.2 $ n "[1 0]*16" # s "808") else  s ""

But this fails because is a Pattern Bool rather than a Bool. That makes sense to me, but is there any convenient way to work around this?

Watching this! I didn't know it was possible to trigger patterns with MIDI but I've often wanted to.

Have a look at this. Works well for enabling and replacing patterns, just not repetitive single-shots: Trigger Tidal code with MIDI

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Ahhh, so good thanks!
Not sure how I missed that.

After digging through the code and reading the posts here, I see how non-trivial it is to access the triggering code in the way I was suggesting. Checking out the Atom line eval method now. Should be able to do what I wanted that way. Thanks mrreason!

My first topic on the forum is about this precisely lol

still haven't found a satisfying way. i reckon we would have to see what once $ aka asap $ does and see how to trigger that action with MIDI. probably all inside haskell

Well, there's possible and then there's possible in the interval between now and the heat death of the universe. There's a nice capply function for patterning by mrreason (#2168). But since the triggering condition is tested within the "every" conditional of a pattern, the logic is inverted from what would be necessary to reset the pattern. Hacked on this for a couple of days and it seems a larger issue than I'd like to tackle. Maybe Alex sees an easy path, but I'm finally punting and trying the atom/eval line triggering (also implemented by mrreason I think).

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I think there's a tidal-api now that allows to send code to the interpreter vía osc. So using supercollider as a bridge it should be easy. Haven't tried it though and keen to know how stable/easy to use it is.
I've been using a plugin I wrote for neovim combined with some shell tools to send and receive midi. Kinda hacky though, but it works

Yes, there's a tidal api that's great for manipulating controls of patterns, but doesn't actually trigger patterns (as far as I could tell). That was my specific use case. The atom-eval functionality by mr reason with a Pure Data interface is a good work around for me.