Triggering video samples with Tidal

Is it possible to use Tidal/SuperDirt to manipulate video? For example take a video sample of some singing and splice it so you hear the audio but also see the video cut up and rearranged accordingly a la Coldcut.

I don't know how this would work technically, with SuperCollider being all about sound, but I'm sure someone must have tried it.

I'm pretty sure I have already seen such a thing (although maybe not in Tidal), but I can't remember from whom.
But since Tidal is a generalist pattern language, not limited to sound, it is certainly feasible.

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You could definitely do it with Max :money_with_wings: . Max can listen for OSC and has a video component that has a number of control points, including start position.

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@cortesana.malinali and @ivanabreu do this sort of thing I think with resolume
@tadokoro does it with OpenFrameworks

As @th4 says, Tidal is basically a system for sending out patterned network messages using the standard OSC protocol, so it is fairly straightforward to swap supercollider for any visualiser that takes OSC as input.

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That makes sense, thanks.

The idea sounds like a p5 sketch.

I've done some stuff with sending tidal messages to p5 with a project I did called p5jsdirt, but the project is kind of old and poorly documented.

I'd be happy to look into video playback over osc via p5.js

i am sending osc info to xjadeo
(on linux, tried on mac but didnt work,
maybe some trouble with my xjadeo config)
using this patch from hjh: