Trouble auto-installing on Mac

Hi, I'm new to all things coding and wanted to give this a try but I can't seem to get past the install stage- oops.

Can anyone please help me with this error?

[ Info  ] Unpacking: ghc-8.10.7-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.xz to /private/var/folders/tc/tbcw_9y15_bgcbfg2f8l57680000gn/T/ghcup-10447fee917a267c
[ Info  ] Installing GHC (this may take a while)

[ Error ] (Process "sh" with arguments ["./configure",
[ ...   ]                               "--prefix=/Users/user1/.ghcup/ghc/8.10.7"] failed with exit code 77.,
[ ...   ]  ())
[ Error ] Also check the logs in /Users/user1/.ghcup/logs
"_eghcup --cache install ghc recommended" failed!
grep: /Users/user1`Preformatted text`/.bashrc: No such file or directory
sh: line 210: [: -ne: unary operator expected
[3] Congratulations, you have all the pre-reqs...
Installing tidalcycles haskell library (via cabal)...

Thank you :slight_smile:

i think you need to install actual Haskell (GHC) first before trying to install the Tidal library.