Trouble installing Tidal Cycles

I just followed this video - ( Video 3: Getting Started with Tidal Cycles - YouTube )
And I was able to install everything I need to run Tidal - SuperCollider, Atom, and Haskell (with cabal and also Stack)

I followed the steps on Supercollider and I get the message: "listening to Tidal on port 57120", so everyhting seems to be fine.

But when I open Atom (and save a .tidal file), and boot TidalCycles, I get this message:

": error:
Could not find module ‘Sound.Tidal.Context’
It is not a module in the current program, or in any known package."

What should I do? It's driving me nuts, and I can't figure out why...

Thank you for reading,

Hi- from the error you are getting it seems likely that you might not have installed the actual Tidal Library yet.. Are you running on Mac, Windows or Linux?

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I'm using MacOs, I just got it working! Turns out it was because my mac has M1 chip, so I had to install the M1 version. Thanks!!

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