Trouble starting with SuperDirt Midi

Hi, all,
Insert "I'm a n00b" preface here - sincere apologies if this has already been answered. I've hit a wall trying to implement Kindohm's midi tutorial. Evaluating "d1 $ s “midi”" gets this post message:
"tidal> Warning: GHCi |
Warning: GHCi | :78:8: error: lexical error at character 'm'"
I get the same result using both Atom and VS Code (Atom got particularly mad at me), and have tried reinstalling the SuperDirt quark. Anyone have a similar experience? Thanks.

Hi, try this:

d1 $ s "midi"

i.e. with 'straight' double quotes, not curly 66's or 99's, and no double quotes around the whole thing

You're awesome