Trouble with TidalCyles to work

Hey guys

I'm new to Tidals and having some difficulty getting it work. Would be great to know which place to look regarding the errors shown in the screenshot. Supercollider seems to be working fine.

Thanks in advance everyone!

Seems like the plugin cannot find the ghc-pkg file, it's written in the console.

Otherwise, you can specify a custom BootTidal.hs file like specified on the plugin documentation:

Hm, but why wouldn't it find ghc-pkg? Perhaps something went wrong with the automated install of haskell. You could try again by running the command given here:

Thanks for this @yaxu and @ndr_brt
I tried deleting and re-downloading the ghcup files but still comes up with errors. It seems my pathway file isn't correct? I'm trying to change it if that's a potential answer.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks for the helpful screenshot..
Is there a ghc-pkg file in that bin folder? I guess so.
I'm not sure exactly what is wrong, but I think that if you go into the settings for the tidalcycles package inside atom, and change the ghci path setting to ~/.ghcup/bin/, then that should fix things.

So after starting fresh I still have the same issue. I've copied in the screenshot and also copied the 'Error report to clipboard' below. Downloaded Xcode but not sure how I'd use it to solve any issues.

Thanks again

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Atom: 1.51.0 x64
Electron: 5.0.13
OS: Mac OS X 10.13.6
Thrown From: tidalcycles package 3.11.0

Stack Trace

Uncaught Error: Cannot call write after a stream was destroyed

At events.js:171

Error [ERR_STREAM_DESTROYED] [ERR_STREAM_DESTROYED]: Cannot call write after a stream was destroyed
    at doWrite (_stream_writable.js:411:19)
    at writeOrBuffer (_stream_writable.js:399:5)
    at Socket.Writable.write (_stream_writable.js:299:11)
    at Ghci.writeLine (/packages/tidalcycles/lib/ghci.js:20:24)
    at REPL.tidalSendLine (/packages/tidalcycles/lib/repl.js:132:15)
    at REPL.tidalSendExpression (/packages/tidalcycles/lib/repl.js:123:10)
    at REPL.hush (/packages/tidalcycles/lib/repl.js:58:10)
    at HTMLElement.tidalcyclesHush (/packages/tidalcycles/lib/repl.js:43:38)
    at CommandRegistry.handleCommandEvent (/Applications/<embedded>:11:349780)
    at CommandRegistry.dispatch (/Applications/<embedded>:11:348255)
    at AtomEnvironment.dispatchApplicationMenuCommand (/Applications/<embedded>:1:725974)
    at EventEmitter.t (/Applications/<embedded>:1:733897)
    at EventEmitter.emit (events.js:194:13)


  3x -5:32.4.0 core:backspace (input.hidden-input)
     -0:51.3.0 core:move-right (input.hidden-input)
     -0:51.1.0 editor:newline (input.hidden-input)
     -0:48.3.0 core:copy (input.hidden-input)
     -0:46.1.0 tidalcycles:boot (input.hidden-input)
     -0:43.9.0 tidalcycles:reboot (input.hidden-input)
     -0:38.7.0 editor:newline (input.hidden-input)
     -0:38.2.0 core:move-down (input.hidden-input)
  2x -0:38 core:backspace (input.hidden-input)
     -0:36 core:paste (input.hidden-input)
     -0:35 editor:newline (input.hidden-input)
  3x -0:33 core:backspace (input.hidden-input)
     -0:29 tidalcycles:boot (input.hidden-input)
     -0:26.4.0 tidalcycles:reboot (input.hidden-input)
     -0:12.1.0 tidalcycles:eval-multi-line (input.hidden-input)
     -0:08.7.0 tidalcycles:hush (input.hidden-input)

Non-Core Packages

tidalcycles 3.11.0 

Hm, that's looking like something went wrong in the atom tidalcycles package. @ndr_brt any ideas?

The path is not configured correcly.
you set as /Users/hb/.ghcup/ghc-pkg, but should be /Users/hb/.ghcup

@ndr_brt @yaxu

So I went through what you said and it's still giving errors. Pretty new to this so sorry it's taking some time. The whole pathway is throwing me off a bit . . . :frowning:

Just to be sure, I went through the whole installation again to make sure I have everything via and no problems.

Sorry, I meant:

The plugin needs the folder that contains ghci and ghc-pkg packages

Okay I've done that but Tidals still can't find the directory as it doesn't exit in the user 'hb'

Where can I can download the ghci and ghc-pkg files directly into my user folder? (as a matter of fact, probably everything so I can have everything I need to get Tidals working in the same file . . .)

Perhaps the files loaded elsewhere when I first installed it!

Thanks @ndr_brt

Sorry, I'm not a mac user, I think you should reinstall ghci from scratch

So if you run this from the commandline:
ls /User/hb/.ghcup/bin

.. can you see ghci and ghc-pkg listed?

Nope not there . . . . . but . . . . .


I went onto the configuration section and realised I hadn't downloaded hoogle via `hoogle generate tidal'.

I entered 'hoogle generate tidal' and nothing found.

I entered stack hoogle -- generate tidal in Terminal. Realised I'd installed stack in the hope it'd solve something not really realising.
Went onto Troubleshooting section and changed the Interpreter to Stack and the ghci path to 'stack exec --package tidal -- ghci'

Is there anything majorly different from Stack to the Cabal default? If so is there a reference I can use or, might it be better just to set Cabal as default now I've got my head around it?

Thanks for your time guys! @yaxu @ndr_brt