Unable to get any sound

Beginner here.
I installed Tidal Cycles using stack install since cabal refused to work.
I have superdirt installed and running on SC.
Tidal Cycles boots in Atom without any errors.
When I type d1 $ sound "cp" , it just shows t> but no sound. I cannot figure out why this is.
I'm attaching a screenshot.
Help, I'm just confused and cannot figure out the issue. I have tried reinstalling Superdirt.
It's on version 1.7.3.

Hrm, it looks like everything started up correctly. Can you maybe try changing your default audio device on your OS (looks like Windows?), like maybe try one of the Realtek devices. Just to see if you can get output from something else.

You could also try explicitly setting the device in SuperCollider but I don't remember the config syntax to do that off the top of my head.

I managed to get it working by downloading the Superdirt folder from GitHub and copying it to the quarks folder. For some reason, automated installation wasn’t working.

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