Uninstall and reinstall

Hi--I'm on a mac (mojave) and looking for the cleanest easiest way to completely uninstall tidal so i can reinstall

I don't know everything about your system, or assume that I know what you want to keep and what you want to delete, so please be careful with my advice.

It depends on how you did the install, but if you used the latest instructions on tidalcycles.org, and if you used ghcup, then this might work for you.

If you don't mind getting rid of your entire Haskell environment, then you could delete these directories from your home directory:


That will completely wipe out all Haskell/cabal packages and allow you to start fresh with a new Haskell install, using ghcup (as per MacOS installation - TidalCycles userbase). If you use Haskell for anything other than Tidal then you might not want to do this. I'm not sure of a cleaner way though; you might want to wait for someone else's advice.

Assuming you don't want to uninstall or modify SuperCollider or Atom.


perfect ty!

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