Uninstall help - linux Ubuntu 18.04


Apologies if this is not the right place to ask about this, I couldn't find a solution so far elsewhere.

I am trying to uninstall supercollider in order to reinstall it as I have had some issues and for some reason could only run scide with sudo, otherwise I would get a single error for the "try-extra-synths" synthdef. On top of this It doesn't work If Jack is running before I launch scide.

I was ok with this (as I would just run it with sudo despite this being bad practice..) until I wanted to use simple screen recorder to record a performance and ran into all sorts of issues with Jack.

So I want to uninstall/reinstall and retrace my steps to try figure it out as I'm pretty sure Ive screwed up somewhere along the line. Basically need a clean slate so I can get Jack and SC working properly.

When I tried "sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove supercollider" it was unable to locate supercollider. I realized that I only have the directories relating to 'build-supercollider' but cant figure out how to simply uninstall it. (I have installed and uninstalled supercollider previously but built it from source).

Only been using Linux for a few months and this is the first time Ive installed something with a script rather than building myself so maybe this is the most obvious issue ever and I just cant see it!

Thanks in advance! ( sorry if a bit of a rambling post )

edit - removed a v confusing sentence..

This is a strange error, I wonder what's wrong.

As for the location of supercollider, if you run whereis scide sclang scsynth, that should give a clue.

You probably have some files in ~/.local/share/SuperCollider too.

What method did you use to install SuperCollider? That might influe on the method needed to uninstall it.

Thanks for your reply, it is a really weird tangle of errors! glad I can still use Tidal at least despite the workaround.

I ended up finding them via the paths shown when the ide is launched. But still couldn't uninstall / purge.

The directories I found are in -


When running whereis; scide sclang and scsynth are all in usr/local/bin so maybe this is where the permissions weirdness is coming from ? Either way I mainly want to just clean the slate and start anew. Could I just delete all SC related folders and files in order to reinstall? something tells me that wont work properly.

@th4 Sorry I wasn't clear enough! I installed using the script posted on the tidal cycles website - https://github.com/lvm/build-supercollider

I have previously built SuperCollider from source and then removed it via the method above but this time it doesn't work.

Did a fresh install off Ubuntu studio and everything is working perfectly. Must've messed something up somewhere.