Unknown Tidal error during live performances… help!


I brute-tested my code, and found that I was too heavily reliant on jumpIn', and after replacing all my jumpIn' "XXX" 0 commands with jumpMod "XXX" 1 commands, the problem went away, and I was able to play each problematic piece non-stop for about 20 minutes without any errors.

So... I guess the question remains... what is it about jumpIn' that caused this? And has anyone else experienced this issue? It literally never used to cause me issues until about 6 months ago.

I am talking about code such as this:

  jumpIn' "drill" 0 silence
  jumpIn' "beat" 0 silence
  jumpIn' "build" 0 silence
  jumpIn' "basssynth" 0 silence
  jumpIn' "basssynth2" 0 silence
  jumpIn' "stabs" 0 silence
  jumpIn' "giggles" 0 silence
  jumpIn' "brass" 0 $ (0.5 <~) $ loopAt 4 $ s "wg" # gain 1.1 # lpf 3000 # end 0.175
  jumpIn' "blues" 0 $ (0.05 ~>) $ slow 4 $ stack [ s "wg:2" # pan 0.2 # gain 1.1, s "wg:3" # pan 0.8 # gain 0.9 ] # lpf 7000

I would always use jumpIn' 'XXX' 0 just to make sure that the samples started on the next cycle. Changing this to jumpMod 'XXX' 1 is no biggie... I'm just curious as to why this might happen... a bug, perhaps? Or am I just using jumpIn' in a way it was not intended for..

I think this could be a good topic for a github issue on the Tidal repository, could you open it?


Thanks everyone for your help!

hey there,
just wanna add that i've been encountering this issue lately as well on win10 - only when using jumpIn'. pretty much identical behaviour to what @Ouyuegu described

Makes sense. I expected it to be something related to the current pattern number. That would explain why the error isn't as soon as the evaluation of the code happens. Some division by 0 or something like that probably.

I am very glad that someone else can confirm this... meaning this will hopefully get solved at some point... I spent hours over the last few days rewriting code and re-editing audio samples to be able to remove jumpIn' and jumpMod for a performance I have tonight...

Does anyone know of any more stable alternatives to jumpMod or jumpIn' that can start samples at the next cycle boundary?