[UPDATE] RECORDINGS available! TidalCycles Meetup #2: feat. CNDSD + Ivan Abreu, kindohm and MrReason - May 8/9

TidalCycles Meetup #2

**Update #2: VIDEOOOOOOOS!!!
This was quite an event - we had an incredible deep dive into CNDSD and kindohm's workflows and processes, got exposed to the direct educational value plus future connection library possibilities of Ivan Abreu's Tidal Visualisation work, and lastly the incredible workflow boundary blurring of MrReason's live looping tidal interface.

@cortesana.malinali + @ivanabreu : TidalCycles Meetup 2 - CNDSD and Ivan Abreu - May 8, 2021 - YouTube
@kindohm : TidalCycles Meetup 2 - Mike Hodnick - May 8, 2021 - YouTube
@mrreason : TidalCycles Meetup 2 - MrReason: Tidal Looper - May 8, 2021 - YouTube

Incredible content, a huge thanks to our presenters, organisers and people helping out behind the scenes @RTylerMclaughlin, @ritchse, @TimPuk, @sfradkin, @irisS @yaxu (hoping I haven't missed anyone)

Hope to see you at #3! (PS If you are interested in helping out, please get in touch here or on discord)

Update #1: Emails have gone out with the invite link, if you have not received yours, please post here or on discord and @RTylerMclaughlin or @ritchse


Following on from the runaway success of Meetup #1, comes The Sequel!

Once again, hosted by @RTylerMclaughlin aka The Nicest Guy on The Internet
and featuring presentations by the Inspirational:

There will also be a Show and Tell component for all attendees to (voluntarily) take a minute or so to share projects they are working on/excited about :slight_smile:

If you are interested in/planning to attend, it will assist organisation enormously if you fill out the following Expression of Interest form:

The incredible flyer art is thanks to @ritchse and @TimPuk - there are a whole lot variations to suit your social platform of choice, please spam the multiverse with them!

Please note, I'll try and make sure that updates etc are posted in this thread so it can be relied upon as a current source of information.

Hope to see you there!


@cortesana.malinali aka CNDSD + @ivanabreu aka Ivan Abreu
ivan-abreu ({A8A}) · GitHub

Mali and Ivan have worked extensively together and will be sharing the presentation slot for this meetup

Malitzin Cortes/CNDSD is an experimental musician and audiovisual artist. Embracing multiple disciplines and technologies in audiovisual practices, her work is developed between livecoding,
live cinema, animation, generative art and sound art.

For the meetup presentation, Mali will be discussing her:

"Tidal Process, drones and toxic patterns"

Iván Abreu is an artist and creative technologist who works and lives in Mexico city.

He explores the veracity and instrumental capacity of science and technology in art contexts, and the possible poetic and/or political value of the findings that emerge from these crossings, as a consequence through processes like visualization, interaction design, industrial design , software and web development, engineering and electronics, expanding the possibilities of drawing, graphics, digital media, photography, sound art, video, sculpture, and architectural and urban installation.

For the meetup presentation, Ivan will be demonstrating the "Tidal Pattern Visualizer"


@kindohm aka Mike Hodnick

Mike describes himself as "a programmer from Minneapolis, USA and uses Tidal to produce and perform music."

...Mike also chronically understates his contributions - he is an enormously influential tidalcycles educator, contributor, and performer with a decade-spanning multi-album back catalog of tidal controlled music which is a must-listen for aspiring live coders.

For the meetup presentation:

"I will show how I integrate Tidal with external hardware, including both input and output. I'll also show how I structure my Tidal code for use with hardware and for live performance."



@mrreason aka Thomas Grund
thgrund (Thomas Grund) · GitHub

Thomas is a Tidalist, Electric Guitarist and Software Engineer, working on his first music release - an EP built in TidalCycles and SuperCollider.

Thomas is the developer of the TidalLooper, which provides live sampling/looping possibilities in TidalCycles and will be diving into it's use in this Meetup Presentation, including:

  • installation
  • configuration
  • examples
  • minimal setup requirements (and more!)

For boundary pushing examples and experiments in tidalcycles/traditional instrumentation mashups, check his instagram:


didn't receive an email!

me too friends, qe have doubts about the conection or link to share screen

@kindohm @cortesana.malinali
Should also be in your email inboxes now!

URL: Launch Meeting - Zoom

You may also join the zoom meeting with a meeting ID and password.
Meeting ID: 842 157 5338
Meeting password : hush

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You can find the slides of my presentation on https://mrreason.org now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the opportunity to talk about the Tidal looper!


Thanks, that was fantastic!


Thanks for sharing that stuff @mrreason! I'm eager to start trying the looper with some hand-played content.

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My MIDI/hardware content: GitHub - kindohm/tidal-meetup-2021-05-08


when's the next estuary jam?

@boastmodernist You can find any kind of announced event here:

Every estuary jam should be there and located to your timezone.

In addition to what @mrreason said, you can check out more info on this thread, including the room name and password and the latest changes in time slots:



Thanks for a delightful time and meetup, everyone who came! I learned so much and heard so many unique sounds.

Cleary already shared the recorded video links up above but I think they're worth another share down here. Thanks sfradkin for uploading these! (artist bios and descriptions will be added to the video)


CNDSD & Ivan Abreu (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQlzuaTK2C4&t=105s&ab_channel=EulerroomEulerroom)

Mike Hodnick (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcWrAOF32OA&ab_channel=EulerroomEulerroom)

MrReason (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijvZn9-CJDM&ab_channel=EulerroomEulerroom)

Plus Alex McLean's talk about "Teaching Tidal how to count" from meetup session B is recorded and uploaded here: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7zLqDaR83o&ab_channel=EulerroomEulerroom) !!


Thanks a lot @RTylerMclaughlin ! I remembered that a chunk of my 'tidal can't count' presentation was a demo that I streamed separately to youtube. That's here:


It would be nice to splice them together somehow, in case someone has video editing skills and some spare time..