Use SuperDirt in SuperCollider?


Is it possible to use SuperDirt in SuperCollider via Pbinds and stuff?

Tidal is super easy to play samples, which isn't that easy in SuperCollider, but sometimes you want to experiment with SuperCollider Pbind and it's possibilities.

If I would be able to use the same sample option in SuperCollider, that would be fun too.

Sure this is no problem!

SuperDirt was originally designed for TidalCycles but is a general purpose framework for playing samples and synths now. It has an own event system. The easiest way to play a sample or a synth is using a dirt event:

(type: \dirt, dirt: ~dirt, s: \808).play

Any parameter you can send via TidalCycles, you can also specify as argument in the dirt event:

(type: \dirt, dirt: ~dirt, s: \808, speed: -1).play

And in this way you are able to use SuperColliders PBind:

  p = Pbind(
	\type, \dirt,
	\dirt, ~dirt,
	\n, Pseries(0, 1, 8),
	\s, \808,
	\speed, 0.5

Have you checked SuperClean?
I think this might be your cup of tea :slight_smile:

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As far as I can tell this is a hard fork of an old version of SuperDirt. The author hasn't been in contact about it which I think is a bit rude. As @mrreason says, you can use superdirt from supercollider too.

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So Dirt uses environment variables (global) with the tilde. Which means, one can't use it in ProxySpace right? Is there a solution to make it work in ProxySpace?