Using an existing Synth in tidal

I am looking to use this DX7 synth with Tidalcycles (more just as an exercise to better understand how to use custom synths).

However, I don't have a strong understanding of Supercollider, so I was wondering whether anyone has resources for using existing Synths in tidalcycles?

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The TidalCycles User docs has a section on Adding Synthesizers to SuperDirt. It is a good starting place, but may not give you all you need to load an advanced synth like the DX7 you reference.
Docs > Configuration > SuperDirt Configuration >

The SuperDirt install comes with a folder called "hacks". It includes SuperCollider code files that show you how to do things relevant to Tidal and SuperDirt. The file core-synth-hacks.scd is relevant and gives examples of the SynthDef syntax and how this reflects back to Tidal.

Look in your SuperCollider directory: