Using OSC Controller Input in alternate `< ... >`

I successfully use integer control input for note patterns such as cat [(cI 0 "hello"), "[g g] ~ a"].

How can I use such a controller input named hello in an alternate pattern with < ... >?

And maybe going a step back to describe my motivation: I would like to use Touch OSC (or another OSC device) to configure "steps" on a sequence, while also configuring transpositions of that sequence using |+ "< ... >". Maybe there are also smarter ways to achieve this :blush:

Looking through the source code I found my answer :blush:

And I was soooo close :smiley: Tidal/src/Sound/Tidal/Core.hs at c69162e4cb03d93cb68fd0dced274c9752789557 ยท tidalcycles/Tidal ยท GitHub

Just using |+ cat [(cI 0 "hello"), 0], i.e., using cat which applies each array element for one cycle solves exactly my problem.