Using TidalCycles for the first time (Atom) no sound

Hello all, I'm just trying to use Tidal for the first time in Atom and following the instructions, it brings me all the way to the end of the process. There is no sound, and instead, this is what comes out.

Control listen failed. Perhaps there's already another tidal instance listening on that port?
Tempo listener failed (is one already running?)

I'm a complete first timer and know hardly anything about coding in general so assume I know nothing.


This might be a silly question but did SuperCollider start okay first?

This may seem like a silly answer, but I didn't try it. I guessed they were 2 different things? or does SuperCollider need to be running to get sound?

Okay yeah you need Supercollider running first. Tidal doesn't make sound per se but it sends signals to SuperCollider, which is basically the software equivalent of a modular synth rack.

super obvious!! probably should have tried that before posting in here.. i'm in way over my head with this! anyway, thanks!!!

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