Video Lectures hard to find

I can hardly find the video lectures. Only when they're newly announced can I find them.
I guess they're assembled here:

But using the search function they don't seem to show up.

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Yes, lets sort this out.

Firstly, does clicking on 'all' to select an individual week help?

If proceed like this and click on e.g. Week 1, I get to a page where I have to seek out which is your original post with the video. However, even on that page there's no video.

Yes that is a post that the forum forces me to create for each category.

Each 'lesson' post should have one post each.

So what are the problems to solve

  • There's not an easy way to find the lessons in order
  • If you click on a lesson, it's difficult to navigate to the 'top' where the video is

I did make an index here for the first four weeks: Weeks 1-4 - index

I haven't been doing that for week 5 and 6 because I thought I'd made the forum a bit easier to navigate.. But I can see it still needs work.

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Discourse has a "hidden" sort parameter that allows you to sort the forum based on creation date like so:

I wanted to go thru everything (lessons, challenges, livestreams) in order like I were doing the course live with everyone, and I found this the easiest way to do it.


Thanks for sharing, @enamel! Much appreciated.
(And how did you know about the "hidden" parameter?)

A user of another forum I am a member of showed me that one when they were transitioning their forums over to the same software used here. Not sure why it isn't available in the UI, I find it really useful!

Another feature that isn't well documented that might help get you to the video content is that if you click on the number in the 'Replies' column of the topic list it will give you an option to go to the first post (where the video is) or the last post in that thread instead of the last unread post.