Vim-tidal .. let g:tidal_sc_enable = 1

Anyone have experience using "let g:tidal_sc_enable = 1" to automatically run sclang alongside the Tidal GCHI terminal? (GitHub - tidalcycles/vim-tidal: Vim plugin for TidalCycles)

I am trying to figure out where this configuration string needs to be included. Does it go inside Tidal.ghci under the vim-tidal plugin? That's the only file I have found that has configuration starting with let g: in it.

I was able to get tmux set as the preferred multiplexer for vim-tidal by adding let g:tidal_target = "tmux" to my vimrc file. But this seems maybe not the right place to do that.

Any thoughts or ideas on best practice to execute both of these configuration items?


i have these lines on my init.lua

vim.cmd [[let g:tidal_sc_enable = 1]]
vim.cmd [[let g:tidal_sc_boot = "~/.config/SuperCollider/tidal-startup.scd"]]
vim.cmd [[let g:tidal_boot = "/usr/share/haskell-tidal/BootTidal.hs"]]

to start sc and use a startup for Tidal loading SuperDirt.
also to use my BootTidal.hs with some additional code.