Wavetables on SuperDirt

Hi everybody! I have a very strange issue with SuperDirt and a SynthDef that uses VOsc. I have a series of wavetables that are 2048 samples long and whenever I turn on SuperCollider to play with them with patterns or whatever everything is fine. However, when I run SuperDirt.start and attempt to play one of this synths as an event (just to test it) I get the following error: Warning: size of wavetable not a power of two (VOsc). Have anybody encountered such an issue and know how to solve it? This is the code I run to turn everything on in SC:

s.options.numBuffers = 1024 * 256;
Server.default.options.memSize= 512000*20;
Server.default.options.numWireBufs= 512;

Server.default.options.device = "ASIO : MOTU Pro Audio";
Server.default.options.numOutputBusChannels = 80;
Server.default.options.sampleRate = 48000;

s.waitForBoot {
    ~dirt = SuperDirt(40, s);
    ~dirt.start(57120, 100);
s.latency = 0.3;