Way to limit maximum output volume

Your ears matter!

This might be something worth to take note of and to take care of
(on Linux, Windows, but also especially MacOS it seems).

Interesting discussion here:

I've now set up the GitHub - adcxyz/SafetyNet: A SuperCollider quark that protects users from dangerous audio signals. quark (which isn't installed by default AFAIK)
in my startup file


Protect and use your ears! With settings too strict (like 0.05) it looks like it affects sound in a bad way.


Interesting, i didn't know mac os had a particular problem. Have you found this to be a problem with superdirt too? It does have a limiter of its own on each orbit.

I'm not using macOS myself.
Interesting to read that superdirt has a limiter.
For me tidal was still too loud for headphones, at least to feel safe.

It seems that with too strict settings, like the suggested 0.05 it does harm to the sound produced. Don't protect your ears only, but use them too :wink: