Weighted probabilities for events?

Hello everyone,

I'm failry new to Tidal, so please excuse me if the answer is somewhat obvious - but is it possible to set probability values for events in a pattern? Similar to SuperCollider's Pwrand class, where you can specify an array of values (e.g. [0,2,3]) and then set the respective probability of their occurence via a second array (e.g. [0.75,0.15,0.1]).

I just find myself writing something like "0|0|0|1" quite often and am wondering whether there is a more elegant solution.

The function you are looking for is wchoose:


Thank you - this seems to be exactly what I was looking for.

This may be ugly/inelegant, but very short/quick. I far more frequently use this syntax over wchoose :sweat_smile: