What do these audio effects do?

I have checked the documentation in Tidal, but it doesn't say much at all as to describe what these effects are or what they do...namely the "leslie" and "shaping" ones. Any ideas or help?

you can find some more information here:

shape is a type of amplifier and leslie is an emulation of a Leslie speaker

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Thanks, this clears it up a bit. What about these? Why the questions marks around the "real" and "img" ones?

The documentation is a big work in progress (everybody is free to contribute), thus many things are still not very documented very well (or not documented at all)

here I am guessing that you can set the real (x) and imaginary (y) part of the complex number z = x + iy that is mentioned in the short description.

The ??? just means that sane default values are unknown for this effect and that you might have to figure them out yourself. Indeed, as @polymorphic.engine pointed out, the docs can be quite incomplete / non-exhaustive sometimes. Feel free to complete the docs as you explore.

Thanks for all of the help, I'll play around with these effects some more :slight_smile: