What happened to Patterns data type Nature?

I just wonder why a pattern is actually defined as data Pattern a = Pattern {query :: Query a} (See Pattern definition)
The article "What is a pattern" refers to the Nature data type and the pattern is there defined as data Pattern a = Pattern {nature :: Nature, query :: Query a} (See What is a pattern)
My question is what actually happened to the `Nature data type?
At least it seems there are still the functions isAnalog and isDigital to make the distinction between discrete and continuous patterns.

Hi @mrreason.
I realised that it's not a pattern that's either analog or digital, but the events within it. isAnalog tells you whether an event is analog or not. The difference between an analog and digital event is that a digital one has a particular 'whole' defined. An analog event is continuous and so I guess is a part of an infinite whole.