What version of supercollider do we actually need? Cannot install using recommended method on Ubuntu

The linux install script (or from-source supercollider in general) doesn't work on Ubuntu any more:

Recommended workaround until this is merged?

Managed to get things up and running with 3.8, but had to get rid of try-load-extra-synths.scd from the SC3 plugins before SuperDirt would start. Will try installing later on the 20.04 LTS when it’s released, should have 3.10 packaged by default.

Which linux install script are you looking at?
Hi, this supercollider build script should work: https://github.com/lvm/build-supercollider
It doesn’t build the scel submodule.

It still tries to pull the scel submodule, however, and that's what's failing. I've pasted what happens here: