Windows device failed to install Tidal

I run cabal v1-install tidal but get below errors:

Resolving dependencies...
Starting time-1.14
Failed to install time-1.14
Build log ( C:\cabal\logs\ghc-9.6.1\time-1.14-CWLAXtPWeM6N1vAGb6etT.log ):
Configuring time-1.14...
Error: cabal- The package has a './configure' script. If you are
on Windows, This requires a Unix compatibility toolchain such as MinGW+MSYS or
Cygwin. If you are not on Windows, ensure that an 'sh' command is discoverable
in your path.

cabal: Leaving directory 'C:\Users\sgao\AppData\Local\Temp\cabal-tmp-62656\time-1.14'
Error: cabal- Some packages failed to install:
directory- depends on directory- which
failed to install.
hosc-0.20-FlzJJwv9yzsRpsxttu6bv depends on hosc-0.20 which failed to install.
network- depends on network- which failed
to install.
temporary-1.3-HerdWSqXGm7A2dTTe3Kzrn depends on temporary-1.3 which failed to
tidal-1.9.5-Hurk22gPJCzD36PjGvcHSn depends on tidal-1.9.5 which failed to
time-1.14-CWLAXtPWeM6N1vAGb6etT failed during the configure step. The
exception was:
ExitFailure 1

I installed Cygwin but it doesn't help. Can anyone advise how should I fix it? Thanks!

I seems solving the problem by using command

choco install tidalcycles

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