Windows Install

I've been trying to install tidal off and on for months, giving up each time.

I don't think the docs on the main tidal site are correct. Tested on multiple systems.
The choco package is not working (failing to build for me at least)
TL;DR: use "install cabal and ghc with ghcup, install with "cabal install tidal --lib", add cabal and ghc to environment PATH, add the correct paths in the Atom plugin, and run Atom as Administrator

I was able to get it to work with these versions and methods:
(install supercollider 3.12.1, superdirt, and sc3-plugins)
Install ghcup via: ghcup install (version
latest ghc and cabal installed with ghcup:
ghc 8.10.7
Set PATH environment variables for each of these:
open cmd.exe as admin and run "cabal install tidal --lib"
Install Atom (1.60.0 x64)
Install tidalcycles plugin (3.16.17)

Must give ghci and BootTidal.hs paths in plugin settings:
C:\ghcup\bin\ (MUST BE PATH, NOT FILE)
C:\cabal\store\ghc-8.10.7\tidal-1.8.0-4919d887bbabca458a7019a32c47d4af4aa3aae4\share\BootTidal.hs (MUST BE FILE, NOT PATH)

The problem I kept having and I'm sure plenty other as well, is that the chocolatey install is broken. That would have worked fine permission-wise, but when installing manually via cabal, the programs are installed (reasoning unknown) in root (C:\cabal / C:\ghcup), etc. . So, you have to run Atom as admin for it to have access to those paths.

I hope this helps at least 1 person :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone tried making a scoop package? Is anyone still maintaining the choco install?



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Hey, yes the choco install does need some love. There has been a little work recently, mostly coordinated via the #packaging channel on the tidal discord, but more help and testing is needed I think.. I'm not a windows user myself but exploring alternatives like scoop sounds like a good idea too.

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Thank you! I was having trouble with the windows installation too, but this helped me a lot. I would only add that the BootTidal.hs path can change, but it helped me to manually write it in plugin settings.
For example, in my case the file location is "C:\cabal\store\ghc-8.10.7\tidal-1.8.0-666781e2226b56b8c05127f106c122231a68f35c\share\BootTidal.hs"

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