Winter solstice live stream - please join!

Hi all,

We are doing another tidal club 24 hour live stream on 20/21st December, to celebrate the winter solstice and the dawning of a new cycle.

All tidalcyclists welcome, especially new people - this is a great opportunity for your first tidal gig! There are no constraints on what or how you perform, as long as tidal is involved (e.g. it doesn't have to be from-scratch live coding, working with pre-prepared code is totally fine!). We will share detailed instructions for how to stream nearer the time, but for now you can reserve a 20 minute slot here (times should appear in your own timezone):

BTW you can read about some of the performers from the previous tidal club stream here:

and watch the performances from that stream here:


Will there be a meetup in the first slow like last time? I was too shy to join the video chat last time, but I thought it was a good idea!

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Yes we could do that, I've reserved the slot for now :slight_smile:

Oooh awesome!
I was born on the winter solstice so I'd love to be in this.


Aw nice! Grab a slot here ->

Approx 10 slots remaining of 72 - these have filled incredibly quick :fast_forward: :fast_forward: :fast_forward:

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Oof this one snuck up on me and I wasn’t paying attention. If anyone is looking for a later time slot and has something earlier than 7am GMT please let me know. I grabbed the earliest slot left, but at 1:20am local time that’s getting a bit late!

Are there any slots left? I don't see where to reserve one

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Hi Alex and everyone, I would like to join the gang and as well invite some local friends, but I can sort out how to access the time slots...

I think it's all booked now, but keep an eye on it, defections are always lurking :slight_smile:

Ohhh.... I wasn't fast enough to catch a slot! :sweat_smile:

@tiemposdelruido was also asking. We could add more time, either into Monday or backwards into Sunday? @tedthetrumpet did you manage to reschedule your live coding gamelan event?

I was hoping to participate but I'm going to have to sit this one out. Hope to join in next time!

Seems I just catched the last slot #64. Are the times shown in the list UTC or near that?

The times are accurate to your local (computers) timezone

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more slots available! (probably) final release!

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@yaxu just wondering if you will be posting another step-by-step on how to get set-up for the stream...


It's being worked on right now...


Hello tidalers!!! We are looking forward to stream tech support volunteers to cover all time zones involved. We already have three people, one in Indonesia, other in USA, and me in Argentina. The task consists in being available in the tech support channels (Telegram group and rocket channel, helping colleagues with doubts or trouble to test or live stream. We have a nice detailed document to guide everyone, in which stream tech supporters can rely (this time we created a stream key system that will ease the live stream process a lot), so we hope to reduce the number of coders in need. :slight_smile: Please DM me if you are interested!


Please find it here: