(with tidal-1.6.2) n vs. note?


With 1.6.2 (4c79a3314dacd77d3e1327a3cc54361da8dffeec), this is not what I expect (it plays wrong notes)

  s "superpiano" >| n "[c d e f]"

(0>¼)|n: 0.0f, s: "superpiano"
(¼>½)|n: 2.0f, s: "superpiano"
(½>¾)|n: 0.125f, s: "superpiano"
(¾>1)|n: 0.2f, s: "superpiano"

There is a test case in

        it "should parse note value" $ do
          compareP (Arc 0 1)
            (sound "bd" # note "e")
            (sound "bd" # note 4)

which works fine but I still can't use

 s "superpiano" >| note "[c d e f]" 


Failed to send. Is the 'SuperDirt' target running? Maybe.fromJust: Nothing
CallStack (from HasCallStack):
  error, called at libraries/base/Data/Maybe.hs:148:21 in base:Data.Maybe
  fromJust, called at src/Sound/Tidal/Stream.hs:217:39 in tidal-1.6.2-7f2a9abbae25afcc64d0a7d96ffe51eb55482b087b15e92\

I can write an issue in the tracker on github but I wanted to make sure that I am not running into some error in my setup, or that I am missing some intended change of behaviour here (it is a change from 1.6.1?)

(For the Algoraoke challenge, I wanted to notate some actual melodies...)

Yes that's a bug thanks! It seems that e is being interpreted as an eighth in the above, that shouldn't happen. I'm not sure what's happening with that error but probably related..

OK I filed the bug, will continue investigation and report there. https://github.com/tidalcycles/Tidal/issues/745

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Maybe the discussion should continue on github, I opened two PR to fix the problems