Better MacOS M1 Install Documentation?

Hey guys, spent the past couple months banging my head against the wall trying to get Tidal to work on the M1, and the only thing that succinctly described how to do it was this, specifically the part about GHC 9.2.2 avoiding LLVM (which seems to be a common situation other M1 users have here): How to install for M1 Mac

Thank god for that post. It was a simple fix, but this info is nowhere to be found on the install documentation. I feel like adding a small box for M1 users would be immensely helpful so other novices like myself don't have to try to sift through such terse jargon to reference other troubleshooting posts that may only be tangentially relevant to the problem at hand.

Love yall!


Hi, sorry to hear about these troubles, and yes that would be great. You can contribute edits to the documentation here: GitHub - tidalcycles/tidal-doc

Or just report it as an issue here: Issues · tidalcycles/tidal-doc · GitHub