How to install for M1 Mac

I wrote an article about how to install Tidal Cycles on M1-Mac.
but this original article is japanese only. I use the google Translation.

If you have a problem of install, please read it.

Thank you.

barbe_gnerative_diary/Tidal Cycles How to install for M1 Mac

Looking around at Haskell issues on the M1, I also came across this:
GHC leaks LLVM's llc processes on a package with large number of modules on macOS (#20305) · Issues · Glasgow Haskell Compiler / GHC · GitLab
which might be making things more complicated. It looks like this has been fixed in GHC 9 but may still exist in GHC 8

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Hi bgold

That advice was so helpful- thank you!
I will try to use GHC9.

GHC 9.2.2 (latest) worked. And it don't need llvm.
I rewrote my article! Thank you.